Baseus Keyboard Mouse Mobile Phone Game Adapter

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100% PC Gaming Experience:

GameSir X1 BattleDock supports all wired keyboards (membrane keyboard, mechanical keyboard, or one-hand keyboard) and any mouse (wired mouse or 2.4Ghz wireless dongle mouse etc). With the intelligent engine, the BattleDock guarantees the 1:1 mouse movement in games. Bring your weapons to the new battlefield!

Connect With PC Equipment:

The innovative docking station allows you mouse and keyboard control on your smartphone via Bluetooth connection! Allow your IOS/Android phone to be compatible with PC equipment. With GameSir World app and Happy Chick Emulator, now you can enjoy your favourite shooting game with your keyboard and mouse with the next level of control!

Enhance Your Marksmanship Remarkably:

There are hundreds of ways to increase your shooting skill, but the easiest and most effective is to take away the struggle of a touchscreen by using a mouse and keyboard!


Imaging you have the indifferent experience using a mouse to move the aim and fire the enemies on a mobile game just like PC gaming. It gives you the freedom to win the game without worrying about the bad on-screen control anymore!

Bluetooth 4.0 Lag-Free Experience:

A small lag can mean the death in the FPS games, so the BattleDock adopts Bluetooth 4.0 technology, a wide benchmark data transferring standard to make sure every key pressed, every move of your mouse, will be reflected in the mobile game lag free.