Nintendo Switch Wireless GamePad

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tem type:Switch pro controller

Low voltage alarm

If battery voltage is lower than 3.55V¡À0.1V, the current channel light flashes quickly and the voltage is lowS

If battery voltage is lower than 3.45V ¡À 0.1V, it will automatically sleep

Bluetooth Operating Instructions

switch settings

(1) To connect the Bluetooth controller, switch console Controller Connection (Bluetooth) option should be " On", or " the Flight Mode" should be "turn off "/p>

(2) On the home page, choose " Controllers-"Change Grip/Order " , search for Bluetooth device status(This operation is not required for back connection).

(3) Note: If the console is diffcult to connect with the controller, due to the console connected other Bluetooth devices many times, you have to manually clear the bluetooth (System Setting-Controllers and Sensors-DisConnect Controllers).

The controller connect with the console

When the controller is off, press and hold the small button next to the TYPE USB for 3 seconds to enter the code status. The 4 LEDs are in the state of fast running light. The channel indicator corresponding to the successful connection is always on. Automatically sleeps if there is no synchronization within 1 minute.

If the Bluetooth connection is successful, the corresponding channel indicator LED is always on (Switch assignment).

Package Include:

1 x switch pro controller, or 2 x switch pro controller


The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings.

Brand Name: GEN GAME
Compatible Brand/Model: Nintendo
Package: Yes
Interface Type: Bluetooth
Type: Gamepads
function1: support wireless and wired for switch
function2: only support wired for PC
function3: no NFC and wake up function
Compatible Brand/Model: Nintendo