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 Oh hello!

How's it going ?  We are glad you stopped by our humble online shop!  Let us introduce ourselves, we are the Sudo Grizzly Gents. The word "SUDO" coming from a Linux command that stands for "Super User Do" which enables Admin privileges  to a user on the good ol terminal (a lot like CMD a only way cooler).  And Grizzly Gents comes from....we honestly just thought it sounds cool and most of the operators are from California. 

We began with Raspberry Pi's, then Android TV's, and quickly expanded to the products you see on here today.  We do our very best to curate, select, price, and make any changes necessary always working with our suppliers and others to bring you guys safe, affordable, quality products.


We began as just one slightly crazy Grizzly that found a way to cope with bipolar 1 disorder taking up Linux and Python as a hobby.  Soon two more mentally ill Grizzly's joined and two more and well.....our true number isn't quantifiable anymore. We are everywhere, and we are nowhere. We have no political agenda, we don't care about how much money you make, we don't care about how smart you are, we just care to help you express yourself however possible.  And what better way to express yourself than by gaming.

Video games open up doorways to new worlds, new ideas, new possibilities, and for some it can even be a temporary escape.  

We are nostalgic 80's and 90's babies that want to solve real world problems with something that brings everyone together. From Helping friends create blogs with our limited knowledge, to showing support and cheering on aspiring Twitch gamers.

We try our best with our limited resources to bring you great content and we always welcome comments, opinions, and really any insight our followers have to help us improve.

Our "Niche"? F#ck that word :) We don't have a niche, we don't make sense and we quite frankly don't need to.  We specifically made a commitment to be here for those that can't make sense of the world sometimes. 


So hang out, look around, check out some of our gear, and drop us an email or message on what you would like us to improve upon.


We may not be the loudest, but we are the nicest and we are "The Original Jimmy Rustlers".


- The Grizzly Gents Team