Our Friends

We can't say we are self made simply because this company was built on the encouragement, support, and collective thoughts of many individuals.  We support creativity, sharing knowledge, and innovation.  So below are just some of the self starters, companies, and individuals that we consider to be part of the Grizzly family.


We are all connected. Together we are stronger. 

You are never alone.

"These Thoughts Will Carry Me, Through The Darkest Knights While Your Eyes Rest In Mine."


"Best Black Everything"



Why Black?

Research shows the average person makes around 35,000 remotely conscious decisions in a day--That's a lot of mental energy! Black is essential and can make it much faster to get ready in the morning whether you're on your way to the gym, a smart casual office, a night out, or a weekend music festival.


Plus we carefully select products with cool missions, causes, and sustainability efforts so you won't face remorse. 




Best Black Everything



"Terminally Ill"

Do You Think She'll Cry?


Straight out of the Slums of Orange County the band, the myth, the legends that led your minds astray for years and down a path of debauchery. Terminally Ill is quite frankly the most "be yourself" band in the game.  

Terminall Ill